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Simpo Šik - Kuršumlija

  • Sik Korsumlija

    Simpo ŠIK d.o.o. was founded on February 11th 2010 as a part of the company Simpo a.d. Vranje. Simpo ŠIK has signed the contract of business – technical cooperation with ŠIK Kopaonik a.d. in restructuring and the Rental Contract for movable and immovable property of ŠIK Kopaonik in restructuring for the period of 20 years.

    In only few months, Simpo has managed to restart the production in completely ruined former wood industry giant, ŠIK Kopaonik. Production facilities were reconstructed, wet-forming machine was modified and modernized, press was overhauled, chambers for heating and conditioning were repared, the computer system for monitoring and control of entire hardboard production process was installed. Two new boilers were bought, 14 km of steam-pipes was built and heating in the solid wood elements, plywood, hardboard and parquete factories was made functional. Facility for waste water processing was reconstructed and modernized, and now it is the biggest in the southeastern Europe. For the reconstruction of the company during 2010 and 2011, Development fund has given a loan of 17,25 million euros.

    Today, the production is organized in sawmill, plywood factory, parquet factory, solid wood factory, hardboard factory and painted hardboard factory.
    The basic assortment consists of: hardboard (raw and painted), beech sawn timber, plywood (raw and waterproof), beech elements and parquet, which are produced according to quality standards SPRS ISO 9001:2008. Products of Simpo ŠIK are present on the Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Morocco, Greece, Netherlands, Romania and Hungary markets, and the plan is to conquer the markets of other European countries.

    Simpo ŠIK in numbers:

    • The production complex is 3.2 km long
    • 17.25 million Euros are invested in reconstruction of the halls, equipment and starting of production
    • In the beginning, Simpo ŠIK had 127 employees, and now it has 600 employees
    • There are 6 production facilities ( Sawmill, Parquet factory, Plywood factory, Solid wood elements factory, Hardboard factory, Painted hardboard factory)
    • The area under the roof has 32.962 m2
    • The production capacity of Sawmill is 90 m3 of logs per day (in 3 shifts) or 21.150 m3 per year.
    • The annual capacity of Plywood factory is 3.000 m3 of plywood
    • The annual capacity of Parquet factory is 120.000 m2 of parquet
    • Hardboard factory produces 124 tons of hardboard daily
    • The planned production capacity of Painted hardboard factory is 12.000.000 m2 per year

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