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Simpo Sik



Simpo ŠIK produces raw and painted hardboard.

Raw hardboard:

Board dimensions:  Board thickness:
2.750 x 1.700 mm 2,5 mm
1.830 x 1.220 mm 2,8 mm
2.440 x 1.220 mm 3,2 mm
3.050 x 1.220 mm 4 mm
2.750 x 1.220 mm 5 mm
sečene po meri 6 mm


  • Based on the customer requirements we produce:

    - hardboard circles 1.700 mm in diameter
    - hardboard with rounded edges


    - in the furniture industry
    - in the car industry
    - in the building industry
    - in the metal industry (for packing)
    - in the food industry (for packing)

Painted hardboard:


Board thickness: boards of all thicknesses which are produced in Simpo ŠIK can be painted


Board dimensions: 2.750 x 1.700 mm and cut to size boards according to costumer requirements


Simpo ŠIK produces plainly painted hardboard (mostly white), and the production of plainly painted hardboard in other colors (gray, vanilla, black etc.) is possible according to customer demand. We have equipment to produce painted hardboard with various patterns (oak, walnut, red beech, white beech, aneegre, light oak, new beech, cherry, apple, maple, wenge).

Upon a customer requests we can produce plainly painted hardboard in various shades and printed hardboard in various patterns, and moreover we can produce perforated hardboard.

- in the furniture industry
- in the car industry

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